Clients Say...

Jackie in Davenport

"I recently purchased my first home and joined Brian during the inspection in hopes that I'd learn a few things. Having never been through the process before, Brian was incredibly patient with me and took extra time to explain what I didn't know so that I left feeling empowered as a new homeowner. He was honest and upfront about all potential issues, but managed to deliver the information in a way that didn't overwhelm me. He always had a practical solution to offer and I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable inspector to guide me."

 Anna in Rock Island

"I was hoping to close on my dream home quickly, and Brian was able to come and inspect it within just a few days. He never acted rushed or frustrated as I incessantly asked questions during the inspection. If I needed something explained in a simpler way, he never acted condescending about my lack of knowledge on the subject. Since it was an older home, I was concerned that costly repairs would come up just after I had made a large investment. My confidence in this purchase has increased exponentially, and that’s all thanks to Brian.  Even if I have no intention of selling in a few years, I plan on hiring him again, just to make sure I’m keeping up with my home maintenance"

Jan and Bob in Bettendorf

"Brian Krantz recently performed a whole house inspection for both the property we are selling and the property we are buying.  Brian was prompt, thorough, and totally professional.  He took the time to explain his findings to us before sending the formal report.  We are well satisfied with his services and would recommend him to anyone buying and/or selling a home."

Ryan in Rock Island

"Brian was very professional and walked me through all of the inspections he did.  He took the time to explain things and wrote a very detailed report that was easy to read.  I would recommend Brian to future home buyers and would definitely retain his services again"


Real Estate Agents Say...

Tom Bracey, Remax

"Brian Krantz does a great job with whole house inspections.  His attention to detail is much appreciated as is his communication skills with both my buyers and sellers.  I also like the reports he produces as they are easy to understand, yet detailed enough so I know exactly what the issues are.  I would recommend Brian to any buyer, and also sellers who would like their home pre-inspected prior to listing it."

Sean Eckhardt, 
Ruhl & Ruhl

"Brian Krantz always delivers on his inspections. He is thorough, professional and most importantly relates well with my clients. His reports are laid out in an easy to understand format. I would highly recommend him for your home inspections needs."

Leslie Roland, 
Ruhl & Ruhl

"Brian Krantz has been a joy to work with . My clients rave about what a thorough job he does for their home inspection. He always takes the extra steps to make sure a job is complete & my clients are satisfied. I recommend Brian for any buyer that wants a professional home inspector!"

Kate Lockett, Remax

"Brian is an inspector I can count on to provide wonderful service to my clients whether they are first time home buyers or have purchased several homes.  He is very thorough during the inspection process and gives a detailed summary to the clients while making sure he has answered all their questions.  Brian is always very accommodating to my client’s schedules, shows up on time for all appointments, and after the inspection provides the inspection back to us in timely manner makes himself available for additional questions from the buyer."


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